How is a Home Inspection Performed?
While touring and inspecting the prospective property, your HomeTech Inspector completes a report, which contains itemized descriptions and written observations that are unique to the property being purchased. At the conclusion of the inspection, you receive a copy of the inspection report on site (as opposed to a less descriptive narrative completed offsite).

What kind of inspection report should I expect to recieve?
HomeTech uses a multipage computer generated report that details all eleven systems of the house. The report includes color photos and specific written comments by the Inspector about the property. At the conclusion of the inspection, the HomeTech Inspector will consult with you on the important aspects of the report.

What is the cost of a Home Inspection?
We offer different plans for home inspections, depending upon the range of services the customer desires. For more information see the Pricing Schedule page, or contact us 503-577-4059.

When should I have a home inspection?
Most often, after an initial offer has been accepted and deposit is made on a property, a customer generally has a 5-10 day period to contact a professional Home Inspector.

Who arranges for the inspection?
The buyer has the obligation to arrange for the inspection. Please call HomeTech to arrange an inspection at 503-577-4059.

How long does a home inspection take?
For an on-site report, customized to your needs, the inspection typically takes 3 to 4 hours.

Should I attend the inspection?
HomeTech strongly recommends attending the inspection. Should you not be able to make the entire inspection, please plan to come for the last 30 minutes to receive the report and the consultation.